Relax, I Don't Want Your Man T-Shirt Design
I Am NOT A Model T-Shirt
All Men Are Not Dogs T-Shirt Design
I Hate Boys T-Shirt Design
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Vegans Unite T-Shirt Design
Too Cool For a Car Note T-Shirt Design
I Hate Men T-Shirt Design

Good News Garments T-Shirt Designs

Memorie Knox of Good News Garments has been a long-time client and we've created a lot together for about 4 years now.

Designs and Concepts

Good News Garments is a t-shirt line that represent many positive things from loving the church (ChurchLuv) to celebrating virginity (Virginitees) and security/self-esteem (Securitees). I feel honored to have been part of bringing her ideas to life...and plastered HAPPILY on t-shirts. Websites coming soon!

  • Skills : Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Client: Good News Garments / Memorie Knox